How to Talk to Your Friends About Not Threatening to Rape and Murder Women on the Internet

In case you need a head start, I’ve written up some suggested scripts for talking to your buddies:

Let’s all start reminding our friends not to be garbage people! If your friends are garbage people, tell them not to be. If they keep being garbage people, go ahead and stop being friends with them! I know, its scary. How do you make new friends? Will anyone else ever love you like those sexist racists did? Trust me. Your quality of existence will skyrocket when you leave the trash behind.

I’m all for diverse views. However, that doesn’t mean you have to accept all opinions as valid and equally worthy of your time, energy, and patience! Guess what? The “view” that women should stop complaining about equality and instead go make everyone sandwiches is NOT A VALID ARGUMENT and is NOT WORTHY of my or anyone’s attention.