Working for a Unicorn: A Gender Aware Office

For a lot of companies gender only becomes a priority topic when something has gone wrong. If you believe in equality for all and try to treat everyone equally it can be difficult to understand the strong impact of things like microaggressions and slighting language. Thinking about this stuff can be exhausting, I know it can. And when gender issues arise in the workplace it can seem like it’s an endless drain… “are we still talking about gender in 2014?”

But here’s the thing: this is a problem with a solution! This problem actually has many solutions!

There is a way to make a working environment where everyone feels valued and like diversity is an asset, not a liability. I know this kind of working environment is possible and exists and not just a theoretical reality and I know that because I work there. And even though it feels magical it’s actual not magic. It’s a practical reality created by my teammates.